Extensive; 33 year mission. Following the approved Federal, Tribal, State and County governments mandated Derelict fishing gear clean up and Habitat Restoration.  To meet those needs, the Five by Five plan was formed. Recording HD video footage, to depths of over 700feet. Specialized electronic equipment logging in the data of founded research recorded in real time on location investigations. Guided by a multi phase mission, addressing five very important issues about the health of Puget Sounds seafloor substrate habitat.

The goal of the project is reduce sources of Crab, Shrimp, and wild salmon mortality. Reduce sources caused by harvest activities namely derelict gear. The targets are the abandoned fishing nets, crab and shrimp pots. Our focus achieve a healthy diverse, sustainable fish and wildlife populations to include their surrounding habitats by monitoring subtitle aquatic habitat for current conditions and important threats including invasive species, pollution point sources, derelict fishing gear and other debris is laying on the dry tidal beaches.

 The public will benefit directly from these ongoing volunteer projects showing real time  improved aesthetics of inland beaches through garbage removal and as an added bonus improving the health of the wildlife living along the shoreline. The public will also benefit directly from the database of subtitle resources and hazards utilizing recorded data information sharing plan. This valuable information will assist the stewards and advocates in making scientific decisions that will affect the health of their shoreline. Indirectly the public will benefit from a monitoring strategy that can be replicated Sound wide to effectively identify threats, and  changes in marine habitat as well as hazards to aquatic resources and resource users.

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Face of SEA OTTER Rotting in a Ghost Net

Washington State Southern Puget Sound

Underwater HD Filming Research/Investigations. No Divers. The Doc's technical recovery team  of trained professionals named, The Ghost Net Busters. Our  job to Locate, Identify, and Remove Derelict Fishing Gear from the waters of the North West.  Volunteers, Wounded Veterans, and Students ,make up this highly talented well diversified team. An unbeatable combination for restoring habitat and building stewardship for the nearshore monitoring education program, in effect now 12 years. This is phase 1 of the five by five. The removal of the silent killers left on the seafloor by commercial and sport fishers.